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My Story


I am an 80/20 Endurance certified Coaching Professional who specializes in helping people unlock their potential.

  • Certified 80/20 Endurance Coach

  • Certified Ironman Coach

  • Level 2 Certified British Triathlon Coach

  • Level 2 TrainingPeaks Accredited 

I am very passionate and knowledgeable about all thing's Triathlon and as a data analyst at heart, there is nothing I love more than reviewing data and metrics within TrainingPeaks. 

The knowledge I have developed over the years, both training and racing have been so successful that friends began asking me for help with their own challenges and goals.

This motivated me to turn my passion of all things triathlon into founding DinoMite Endurance Coaching to help coach, support, and motivate other athletes.

This further led me to create DinoMite Endurance Team for athletes to be able to race under and get access to weekly training sessions.

​So, whether you are just starting out on your triathlon journey or a competitive triathlete looking to step up to long distance or aiming to qualify to represent your country, I can provide a bespoke plan to fit in with your lifestyle. 

If you have any questions about my methods, or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.

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A Bit About Me

I am an experienced Triathlon Age Grouper that has coached myself through 13 Ironman races since 2017.

As an 80/20 Endurance certified coach and an athlete who has used their workouts since 2021, I have personally seen the benefit of the 80/20 methodology, significantly improving my Ironman times during that time which ultimately led me to qualifying for the Ironman World Championships three times and taking my 1st podium at IM Cozumel in 2022 where I came 2nd.

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My Philosphy

My Philosophy is simply based on 5 P's:

• Promise

• Passion

• Partnership

• Personal

• Performance

I promise as a coach to act with integrity. To be honest, sincere and honourable in my relationships with athletes and others alike, following the British Triathlons Code Of Ethics and Conduct at all times.

All DinoMite Endurance Coaching athletes are to show respect for others. Poor sportsmanship or disrespecting others will not be tolerated.


As a coach, I am extremely passionate about endurance sports. Part of my purpose is to help you find your passion and drive to achieve your goals. This includes support with the mental aspects of training and racing. 

As we enter a partnership, I will commit myself to you as your coach, and trust that you will do the same for me as an athlete. The foundations of trust must be earnt, and our relationship will only succeed if both athlete and coach are prepared to trust each other and the process.

I believe that every athlete is an individual and I will work with you to provide a personal training programme that works specifically for you and fits into your life, not the other way around.

I will share my own experience of years of training, following training plans and racing to assist you whether you are looking to get started in triathlon, improve an existing performance or race, to move up distances or aim for a championship event or GB qualification. As part of every plan, we will set goals that are challenging, yet appropriate for every athlete in their chosen sport.

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Northampton, UK


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