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Free to join racing team with exclusive training plans for members

DinoMite Endurance Team: Welcome

New for 2024

In 2024, DinoMite Endurance Team was launched as a free to join racing team for those athletes who want to race within a friendly team environment.

The team is an Official British Triathlon affiliated club which you can sign up for and race under via the BTF website

The optional team plans are designed for athletes who want weekly training sessions but can't commit to the club sessions that traditional Triathlon clubs offer.

For only £30 per month, members will get exclusive access to:

👉🏼 1 weekly swim session
👉🏼 1 weekly bike session (held weekly on a Thursday via Zwift)
👉🏼 1 weekly run session (track style workout)

That's 12 sessions per month for only £2.50 per session 😱

DinoMite Endurance Team: About Me

How it works

👉🏼 Step 1. Decide which days you want to train on for each of the 3 disciplines (E.g. Swim every Monday, Bike every Thursday, and Run every Saturday)

👉🏼 Step 2. Add me as a coach on TrainingPeaks

👉🏼 Step 3. The sessions will be loaded into your TrainingPeaks accounts* over a 12 week block (Premium version is not required, free version is fine)

👉🏼 Step 4. On your selected days, the Swim and Run sessions will be sent to compatible sports watches for you to complete. Bike sessions can be completed either on your own or via a weekly group ride, which will take place every Thursday via Zwift.

On top of that;
• You will be added to a team Facebook Messenger group chat to discuss anything and everything.
• You'll also have access to the DinoMite Endurance Team club kit to race in 😍

Please note: Once the days are set, these can not be changed over the 12 week block unless you have a premium TrainingPeaks account, which enables you to amend the days yourself.
Whilst feedback may be provided via TrainingPeaks, these are not 1:1 coached sessions.

* If you do not have a TP account, I will help you set one up.

DinoMite Endurance Team: About Me
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